Barbell Biltong 200g

Barbell Biltong

 What is biltong exactly? We're glad you asked. Barbell biltong is a tasty, chewy snack made from premium steaks that are marinated in vinegar and spices and hung to dry in a controlled environment. They are free from any nasties, gluten, soy, dairy or sugar. It is a clean, healthy and more flavourful alternative to beef jerky.


What's the Big Difference?

The Barbell boys from Canberra don't use any heat in the process, which leaves the meat softer and more tender than the competition. They make the biltong with a healthier lifestyle in mind, providing a clean, high protein and low carb product. You have to taste it to believe it! 

 Product of Australia

Check out the comparison guide below:

Biltong vs. Jerky

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