What the heck is Arrowroot Starch?

March 25, 2019

What the heck is Arrowroot Starch?

Arrowroot Starch: What the heck is it? And what do we use it for?

Arrowroot starch is on the rise as an extremely popular pantry pleaser. Its a thickening agent thats easy to digest and allergen free. 

The starch is extracted from the arrowroot plant. It is tasteless and in powder form.  Its gluten free, dairy free, soy free & nut free. It thickens sauces and fillings and can lighten up some baking. It can be used as a direct substitute to cornstarch, and given corns bad rap these days with GMO, arrowroot starch has started to see a rise in its fame. 

How to Use: arrowroot starch packs a bit more punch than cornstarch, so should be used as two teapsoons of arrowroot powder to every tablespoon of cornstarch. 

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