What are Whole Foods?

June 26, 2018

What are Whole Foods?

Wholefoods are simply foods that are as close to their natural state as possible, while still being suitable to eat. They have little to no additives and have undergone little to no processing. Wholefoods makes our shopping simpler, our eating more effective for the body, and more enjoyable in both cooking, and consuming.

Here are some examples of wholefoods:

  • Nuts and seeds: walnuts, almonds, cashews, sunflower seeds, linseeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds
  • Grains: wholegrain rice, quinoa, rolled oats and barley.
  • Beans and legumes: lentils, kidney beans, split peas, chickpeas
  • All the fruits and vegetables!


Why are wholefoods so good for us?

Given that they are generally still in tact, they have retained much of their minerals and nutrients so your body gets the maximum benefit from these foods. If you're going to eat them, why not get the best out of them?


Skip the chemicals! We get enough of those from our environment already. By choosing wholefoods, you're eliminating unwanted chemicals. So much research has been done on additives and chemicals. We're seeing links to behaviour in both children and adults, mood disorders, neurological disease, cancer and the list could go on. Basically, ditch the nonsense.


Its good for the bowels. It seems like poop talk is everywhere these days, and for good reason. Your poop is a window to your health and whole foods keep your windows clean. I'll leave it at that.


More energy! Woo hoo! Getting all that good stuff gives your body what it needs to fuel your machine. Give it the nutrients, and your body will fire on all cylinders. 


So why not start switching over to a wholefoods diet? Start out by aiming for 70% of your diet being rich in wholefoods. You won't go back, we guarantee it.


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