Top Tips for Easy Healthy Eating

July 29, 2018

Top Tips for Easy Healthy Eating

So you've come across this blog because you're looking to cut out the processed garbage and eat better food. Maybe you're looking to lose some weight, or fix your leaky gut, or manage diabetes, manage moods, or simply wanting to remove toxins and additives from your diet and the ones you love.

Healthy eating can be daunting these days with fancy superfoods, additives, diets, quick fixes and more. We aren't big believers in quick fixes or fancy tricks. We like to keep it simple so its an easy transition for everyone. Simple changes can make it a smoother, more enjoyable process thats sustainable long term. No more yo-yo diets or trend bandwagoning. Just back to the basics and really, really good food. 

Whether you're new to the world of heathy eating, or are long-term believers looking for more inspiration, read on for our top 7 tips for easy healthy eating.


TOP 7:

1. Simplify the Process: Ackowledge that this change is a process, and simplify the steps needed to reach your goal. Maybe start with adding in an extra serve of veggies in your day. Or perhaps go vegetarian 1-2 days a week to start playing with vegetarian dishes, which brings in more spices and natural flavours to make your food even more delcious. Set realistic, simple goals and increase your intake as you start to enjoy the foods more.


2. Pay Attention: This is a simple yet extremly effective strategy, pay attention to your body. Be mindful while you're eating, and check in after meals to notice your energy levels and digestion. Appreciating the feeling of a nourished body will have you craving more.


3. Add In, Not Take Out: Instead of focusing on what you're losing from your diet, focus on what you're adding in. Change your high sugar cereal to a more whole food muesli or oats. Or try a few different smoothies for a quick snack or meal. Smoothies can be superpowered or kept simple and can please nearly anyone with a bit of tweaking. Try a salted caramel smoothie for a more decadent transition. You'll thank me later.


4. Get Cookin': A healthy, whole foods diet will have you in the kitchen more, so you may as well get comfortable in there and enjoy it. Whether you're a novice cook, a time-poor cook or losing your creative edge, take some classes. Take a local cooking class or simply teach yourself over YouTube. Learn a few new skills, get the kids involved, play music, be brave and make it fun. The better you get, the faster you'll get.


5. Smell the Smells: Stop and smell and taste as you go. Appreciate the aroma and try and identify certain smells. Appreciating food on different levels makes it taste better somehow.


6. Get the Kids and Partners Involved: By teaching them to shop for and cook healthy food is giving them an incredible life long skill. The transition to healthy eating will be easier with less fighting if they're involved, hands on. They'll be more likely to be healthy eaters by choice, they'll be able to take care of themselves and are more likely to have a healthy relationship with food. Not to mention drastically cutting down their risk of obesity, diabetes, depression, cancer and more.


7. Buy in Bulk to Save: purchasing your whole foods in bulk when possible saves you money, allows you to try new things in smaller quantities and is better for the planet. Less packaging and less processing for the win!

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