Bulk Buying Benefits

June 19, 2018

Bulk Buying Benefits

Bulk food buying is on the rise both in-store and online. Its becoming the preferred way to shop for many singles, families and retirees. But why? It saves you time, money and the planet!

What is bulk buying? Buying food in bulk can be done in a few different ways. Our preferred method of buying in bulk is purchasing from a bulk food store, which gives us the flexibility to purchase in both smaller and larger quantities while still saving money! The business purchases their food in large quantities and stores them in food-grade bins. The customer then scoops however much of the product they would like, still benefiting from the discount but without a minimum order required. Winning!

Why does it save us money? Buying food in bulk saves money because the business has access to discounted, high quality foods without the expensive packaging. Did you know that on average, the packaging of a product costs 9% of the price? 

Buying in bulk is also a win in the fight against plastic. It saves the landfills from all that unwanted and unnecessary packaging by storing your food in reusable containers. The environment will thank you with every environmentally conscious purchase that you make.

Storing your food properly helps saves on food wastage. You can ensure your food has its longest shelf life possible. Properly fitted, air-tight containers protect from pests and keep your food fresher, for longer. 

So bulk food is a winner for the wallet, the time bank and the environment. Why not give it a try?

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