August 21, 2018


It seems every few months a new 'superfood' arrives on the scene. Here, at Naturally Hooked HQ, we believe in keeping healthy eating simple and effective. We also believe in getting bang for your buck. So that leads us to Activated Almonds. Now lets discuss...

Firstly, what are Activated Almonds? Activating almonds (and other nuts and seeds for that matter) is the process of where almonds are soaked in filtered or salt water (ours are actually soaked in Kombucha for added gut health benefits) for 12 hours. The almonds are then dehydrated over a low temperature for an extended period of time, usually 12-24 hours. This makes them extremely delicious and nutritious!

Why do we Activate Almonds? With normal, inactivated almonds, the enzyme prohibitors prevent your body from absorbing all of the valuable nutrients that it can. And almonds have a lot of nutrients to offer. The activating process actually tricks the almond into sprouting, which activates their protein, fatty acids, nutrients and minerals, and the bad enzyme prohibitors get lost. 

Furthermore, eating a lot of raw nuts can actually be irritating to your digestive system. Have you ever seen your nuts come out the other side? Thats because of those pesky enzyme prohibitors. 

Is it really worth it? Yes, activated almonds are more expensive than their inactivated friends. In our eyes, its absolutely worth it. In fact, you can consume less activated almonds than raw almonds to get the same, if not more, nutritional value. Less is more! Plus, activated almonds taste better. Even my 2.5 year old eats them by the handful. And thats worth it.

Nutritional Profile of Almonds:

  • Vitamin E (the brain food), calcium & phosphorus
  • Iron, magnesium & zinc
  • Selenium, copper & niacin 
  • High amounts of protein & low in carbohydrates

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