Organic Arrowroot Starch

Arrowroot starch is a pantry staple! Used most commonly as a thickening agent, it is gluten-free and gentle on sensitive tummies. 

Arrowroot has been around for centuries but was replaced largely by cornstarch as a cheaper alternative. Arrowroot starch has been making a comeback in recent years as it is a healthier, non-GMO alternative. 

Check out some of its health benefits below!


Packaged in Australia from local and imported products

Ingredients: Organic arrowroot

May contain traces of egg, dairy & soy



Arrowroot was actually used for medicinal purposes back in the day. While modern medicine has found many alternatives for its purposes, some of its benefits are still very applicable today:

  • Digestive Health: is a gentle, natural treatment for diarrhoea.
  • Has shown to boost immune health.
  • Helps to fight food borne pathogens
  • Soothes Gum & Mouth Pain: the anti-inflammatory properties relieve pain and can be applied directly to the gums. Safe and effective for teething babies!!



When cooking with arrowroot, be mindful that it breaks down easier than cornstarch so should be added in at the end of cooking.

Arrowroot can also be used baking and desserts for more structure and finish!


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