Lavender & Bergamot Natural Deodorant

Lavender & Bergamot 100% Natural Deodorant by KIND-LY

This deodorant is one of the top organic & natural deodorants in Australia and for good reason. Its enriched with magnesium, probiotics and essential oils to keep you dry, fresh & odor free while still allowing your body to release toxins naturally. The best part? This deodorant is a roll-on and keeps your clothes stain free!


  • Australian owned & made
  • Vegan & cruelty free
  • No artificial fragrance

60ml Roll-on bottle


Ingredients: * Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Sodium Bicarbonate, Witch Hazel Extract, Aqua/Hansenula/Kloeckera/Lactobacillus/Lactococcus/Leuconostoc/Pedioccus/Saccharomyces/ Fig / Lemon Ferment / Isododecane / Sorbitan Oleate / Cellulose Gum / Fungi Chitosan / Citric Acid, Magnesium Hydroxide, *Glyceryl Caprylate / Glyceryl Undecylenate, *Glycerine Vegetable, Arrowroot Powder, Diatomaceous Earth, Xanthan Gum, Sodium Caproyl/ Lauroyl Lactylate/ Triethylcitrate/ Salvia Officinalis (Sage) Oil, p-Anisic Acid, Citric Acid, Bergamot Bergapten Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil. (* Certified Organic Ingredient)


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