Hot Cross Buns Bliss Balls

April 16, 2019

Hot Cross Buns Bliss Balls

Just in case you haven't had that fill of hot cross buns quite yet, here is a simple and delicious recipe from Wholefood Simply.

These hot cross buns bliss balls have only 4 ingredients!! Whip these babies up and enjoy- guilt free!


Hot Cross Buns Bliss Balls

Author: Wholefood Simply



1 cup roasted almonds

10 medjool dates seeds removed (if you have pitted dates, add in a few more and soak in hot water for a few minutes & strain before using)

2 teaspoons of mixed spice

1/3 cup of currants 



1. Blend your almonds, dates and spices together in a food processor at high speed until it resembles a fine, sticky crumb. Add the currants and pulse to combine.

2. Shape the mixture into little balls using your hands. Refrigerate to set.