Activated Mixed Nuts Organic

This mixed nut blend is unlike any you've ever tried before. All of the nuts are all activated, which makes them delicious and extremely nutritious. You'll have to taste them to believe them.

Our blend consists of activated almonds, activated brazil nuts, activated cashews, activated pecans and activated walnuts.


But what are activated nuts? We're glad you asked.

Activated nuts means the nuts have been soaked in salt water for an extended period of time, which starts the sprouting process. They are then dehydrated at a low temperature. This process increases the nutrient density of the nuts and breaks down the components (phytates) that make nuts harder to digest. 

More nutrients + better digestibility = something to go nuts about!


These babies are excellent for snacking, adding to salads, yoghurt, muesli and more! Substitute your normal nuts for activated nuts in your favourite recipes for that enhanced flavour and all those nutritional benefits.


Packaged in Australia from local & imported products. 

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