Breakfast Pack

Breakfast Bundle


We get it, breakfast is a busy time of day, but its also the most important meal of the day. Studies show time and time again how important a healthy breakfast is to maintaining a healthy weight, optimal brain function, stable blood sugar and more. Simply put, a well balanced breakfast keeps you healthier, happier and makes you more productive in your day. 

We've put together our breakfast favourites that provide you with quality nutrition, quality flavour and ease so your breakfast can be assembled quickly at home, or taken on the run.


What's included:

1kg of our Paleo Hero Primal Muesli: This guy is a best seller storewide. Its delicious in a variety of ways, but makes a substantial gluten free muesli thats loaded with protein to keep you satisfied all morning long. Top it off with coconut milk or your milk of choice, yogurt, and maybe some fruit and you're off and running! 

*tip, it also makes a handy snack. Pack a little container to munch on when you get that 3pm slump.

250g of Hemp Protein: our insecticide free hemp protein powder is top quality. We've sourced the best we could find, providing you with all the perks that hemp provides. Its a complete protein and offers the body the nutrition in one serving that not many others can. Add a sprinkle to your muesli for an additional boost of protein to fire up that brain, keep you full for longer and feed those cells the nutrients they crave and deserve. 

Hemp protein powder can also be mixed in with a quick and easy smoothie if you've run out of time for the sit down muesli. Mix with some ice, coconut milk (or milk of your choice), a banana, a pinch of cinnamon and some honey for a tasty smoothie that will keep you going until lunch. 

One Bottle of Coconut Quench: this is our favourite coconut milk as its long life, easy to transport with no nasties. It tastes great with your muesli, smoothie, or even in your baking. 


*Note: this pack is perfect for one week of breakfast, serving 1 healthy eater. 

*The large pack comes with 2kgs of Paleo Hero, 500g of Hemp Protein + 2 Bottles of Coconut Quench. Perfect for 2-3 healthy eaters. 

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