Activated Buckinis

Activated Buckinis- Raw Organic Chocolate Clusters


This wholefood mix is of cacao, coconut and other superfoods and fruit to bring a new mix to your bowl. The name buckini comes from the activated buckwheat in the mix that brings a whole host of benefits to your diet- along with a sweet and flavourful combination!

Activated buckinis are gluten-free, grain free and full of protein. In fact, buckinis are actually a seed! They're crunchy little numbers that stay crunchy in milk, satisfying that crunch factor while keeping you full. 

What does it mean when they're activated? Glad you asked. These guys haven't been puffed or toasted under high heat like most cereals. They've been soaked in filtered water to bring on the germination process. In short, they retain their nutrients and allow your body to digest and absorb all their goodness much easier. 



Activated Buckwheat*, Evaporated Coconut Nectar*, Coconut Chips*, Cacao Powder* (8%), Currants*, Raw Cacao Nibs* (6%), Cranberries* (Apple Juice Sweetened*, Sunflower oil* <1%)

*Certified Organic

Made in Australia from local and imported ingredients

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