Bicarb Soda 


What can't bicarb be used for? With that many uses and so affordable, stock up on this wonder.


Top 10 uses of Bicarb Soda:

1) Baking: used as a natural reactant in baking to allow the cake to rise.

2) Cleaner of fruits and veggies: scrub your produce with some bicarb soda and they'll be squeaky clean!

3) Gets your clothes whiter and brighter: add a small cup to your washing.

4) Cleans carpets and rugs: sprinkle over carpets and sit for at least 15min, then vacuum.

5) Clean the dishwasher: run an empty cycle with some bicarb and give that magical machine some love.

6) Keep your toilets clean: add some bicarb to your toilet, swirl, scrub & you're done. 

7) Relieve itchy bites: mix with small amount of water and apply to the bites.

8) Keep windshields clean: sprinkle a damp cloth with bicarb then wipe on windshields.

9) Clean you whole kitchen: its all safe. Clean everything with some bicarb and water. Easy peasy.

10) Clean your pets bed: stinky pets bed? Sprinkle bicarb, let sit then vacuum up!



Country of Origin: China

Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate


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