Best of The Bone Healing Mushroom Bone Broth

Best of the Bone Healing Mushroom Bone Broth

Just when you thought bone broth couldn't be any better for you, then Best of the Bone comes up with this one. They have taken bone broth one step further and added in healing medicinal mushrooms to their premium, organic bone broth. 

The medicinal properties of Lion's mane, reishi and shiitake mushrooms partnered with the collagen-rich bone broth bring its health properties and taste to another level. Adding a spoonful of this concentrate to your soups, broths and dishes boosts the flavour along with its nutritional content. Or, enjoy a cupful of this on its own. 


  • Restores gut health so ideal for those with leaky gut, IBS, Crones disease.
  • Is an anti-inflammatory.
  • Promotes healthy skin, hair & nails
  • High in amino acids

Benefits of Lions Mane, reishi and shiitake mushrooms:

  • Helps fight inflammation and promotes healthy growth of the good bacteria in the gut.
  • Can improve memory and reasoning.
  • Immune booster.
  • Can fight fatigue and depression.
  • Can assist in supporting hearth health.



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