Shredded Veggie Savoury Muffins

March 25, 2019

Shredded Veggie Savoury Muffins

Most of us could use a little extra veggies in our day, along with extra sleep. I can't help you with the extra sleep, but I can help you with the extra veggies.


I love an easy breakfast and an easy snack to pass off to the little one (bonus points if it contains some extra veggies). These muffins tick those boxes. They're also easy to transport.


They have those extra veggies, a protein hit AND they're gluten free and vegan.


Shredded Veggie Savoury Muffins




3 carrots

2 parsnips

2 medium potatoes

2 medium sweet potatoes

2 tablespoons of arrowroot starch

2 tablespoons of besan flour

2 tablespoons of olive oil

1 cup of cannelleni beans (rinsed and drained)

1/4 cup of fresh parsley, chopped

1 tsp of dried basil

1 teaspoon of fine sea salt

freshly cracked black pepper



1) Preheat oven to 180 degrees and prepare your muffin tins.

2) Wash & peel all your veggies.

3) In a food processor, shred the carrots, parsnip, potatoes, and transfer to a large bowl.

4) Blend the beans and set aside.

5) Add to veggies the parsley, arrowroot starch, flour, oil, and beans and basil, salt and pepper and mix well.

6) Fill each muffin cup evenly and press flat.

7) Bake for about 30 minutes until the tops look dry and sides are browned. 

8) Let stand for 15 minutes.


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